Ho Chi Minh City


Workyos is a big new coworking space on the edge of District 3 and District 10. Located in Viettel's brand new office tower, it's a short distance from the downtown area.



Cado Coworking Space

Cado Coworking Space opened recently and is a small coworking space in District 3. It's the the vision of a young local designer looking to provide a space for the startup business community and...

The Rooftop Garden

The Rooftop Garden is a new space in District 1. It's a medium-sized shared office located on a quiet alley. There are several private offices, a meeting room and a shared space on the roof. Founded...

Morning Cafe

Morning Cafe is a hidden cafe in an apartment block off Le Loi, District 1. The design is vintage and the vibe is quiet.

Bang Khuang

Bang Khuang is a hidden cafe in an apartment block in District 1. The design is vintage and the vibe is quiet, with the exception of the lunch crowd. The menu is Vietnamese and the staff are friendly...


Teaspoon is in central District 1, upstairs on a main street. It's a quiet and refined cafe, specialising in exotic teas and cakes. 

Vintage Emporium

Vintage Emporium is a cafe and restaurant hidden on the quieter streets of District 1. True to its name, it's finished in a vintage design like an old Saigonese mansion. It's a quiet space and the...

Ca Chep Bookstore

Ca Chep Bookstore Cafe is a large cafe in District 3. Located above a bookstore on a main street, it’s a bright, modern and spacious design that has a mix of tall tables and lounges.

Nha Nam Books N' Coffee

Nha Nam Books N' Coffee is a large and spacious bookstore that opened recently. The design is modern and includes several trees in the main space indoors. It's close to the Foreign Trade University,...

Huy Hoang Bookstore

Hidden on top of a bookstore, Huy Hoang Bookstore is a mid-sized cafe. The design is modern and welcoming, including natural plants, a long bench and many tables. Staff are friendly and the vibe is...